Centre of Eminence

Centre of Eminence (CoM) is the centralization and consolidation of technology expertise, knowledge, process and tools, so as to be continually improved and leveraged upon to attain utmost advantage across all projects in an organization. Our dedicated Centres of Excellence focus on developing solutions and frameworks in niche technology domains to be market ready and help clients benefit from emerging trends.

MAHARET has seven defined centres of Excellence:

- Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
- Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
- Supply Chain Management (SCM)
- Business Intelligence (BI)
- Enterprise Portal & Content Management (EPC)
- E-Commerce

Enterprise Resource Planning

ERP, CRM, and SCM: Enterprise resource planning (ERP) integrates internal and external management information of an entire organization, encompassing all the aspects of business like finance, sales and service, customer relationship management, human resource, manufacturing etc.

MAHARET's integrated ERP applications facilitate the automation of your organization's processes, support the information flow between all your business functions and manage the connections to outside stakeholders.

Our endeavour is to help your organization gain greater visibility in all areas of business, from daily operations to a strategic decision level by making our ERP Solutions work for you. A high-level view of key business areas facilitates quicker and more accurate management decisions. Insight into production, inventory and financial data makes it easy to identify opportunities for cost savings and efficiency improvements.

MAHARET believes that each company has its own set of requirement needs which can be answered through cutting Edge customized solutions. The entire engagement involves continuous interaction and communication with your organization, enabling you to re-evaluate project priorities with a view to optimize return on investment.

The highlight is the customization of the modules according to your individual business, to ensure the solution is well fit for your organization. The overview of the modules is as follows:


Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an efficient, adaptable technology solution for managing business processes and strategies by optimizing the client management life cycle.

MAHARET's prime focus is to provide an abstract approach based on your company's business values and help you gain complete view across marketing, sales, and customer service departments to assist you in responding quickly to changing business environments.

We deliver comprehensive CRM solutions designed for your organization, with potent and intuitive workflow capabilities to streamline and automate regular tasks as well as organization wide business processes for improved operational efficiency. Maximize your benefits by collaborating with us to create a perfectly integrated CRM solution that converts your existing customers into lifelong customers and potential customers into new customers. With our dynamic CRM solutions, your business can

  • Achieve an all-round customer view
  • Achieve high user acceptance and productivity
  • Enable application flexibility
  • Attain increased performance, scalability

Supply Chain Management

Streamlining and managing a network of business processes right from raw materials procurement, manufacturing to distribution management of end product isn't an easy task.

MAHARET’s SCM solutions offer your organization the twin advantages of effective management through seamless business process integration, application implementation and global sourcing of operations while simultaneously reducing cost and increasing profitability.

MAHARET possess the desired knowledge and expertise to develop solutions from scratch, to meet your individual requirements. Our extensive experience in various platforms and framework enable us to offer you the best possible solution.

Our consultant team understand your concerns regarding the process critical data and have ensured fail-safe features such as central repository to maintain all the vital data with complete access for all. Our consultants brainstorm with you to offer customized solutions to suit your individual business requirements and depending on the requirements and the complexity of the solution; we offer the following modes of development.

MAHARET offer a wide range of customizable functionalities and features to suit business requirements thereby lowering development time and increasing cost effectiveness. We implement solutions by integrating and customizing the various packages to suit your individual requirements.

Bussiness Intelligence

MAHARET’s Business Intelligence services offer clarity and insight into your own products, services, customers and market initiatives which are necessary for maximum effectiveness and business benefit for your organization.

Our company aims at industry-fit solutions, as relevant information from projects executed is extracted, current technology trends are identified providing thought leadership to your entire organization. This “raw data” is converted into "knowledge" which your enterprise can use to facilitate strategic, tactical, and operational methodologies, and deliver superior business results while gaining a strategic over competition. MAHARET supports these emergent information needs by offering a wide range of cost-effective services which include:

Data Integration
BI Reporting and Analytics
BI consultation
Product Engineering

Business Intelligence (BI) is defined as a decision support process that involves identifying, extracting, and analysing business data and its conversion to condensed reports on the basis of business actions, enabling management to take apt business decisions.

Currently, most market applications process the same data for different business processes, causing data duplication, redundancy, and increased maintenance costs. MAHARET’s unique BI services help change this interminable cycle in your organization.

Enterprise Portals

The key factor to improve any business is availability of precise information at the exact time. The ability to use it efficiently is the power yielded by Enterprise Portal & Content Management (EPC).

With MAHARET’s your organization can make effective use of the content, data and information that you already have. We focus to facilitate content sharing across systems, content lifecycle management and assured timely updating and synchronization irrespective of content location or format.

Inefficient leveraging of information assets, lack of competitive intelligence and managing information is commonplace in today’s IT world. So just upgrading systems is passé so where we provide our clients with the added advantage of upgrading their approach in using it with our best practices ranging from the initial planning till the go-live of the project.

Our constant efforts are to keep systems flexible enough to adapt to changing business needs and which is possible with our consulting programs. We work with all the major industry-leading technologies and platforms, including E-Commerce.


MAHARET has focused extensively both as a solutions provider of end-to-end ecommerce solutions as well as specialized solutions provider for core-commerce building blocks.

Banking on our vast domain knowledge and experience in various technologies we bring to you, implementation & integrations of contemporary solutions, approaches and best practices for core-commerce solutions and core-commerce solution building blocks segments.

MAHARET expertise and experienced on creating, maintaining and enhancing state-of-the-art solutions using the latest Web-based technology for the following E-Commerce segments:

E-commerce portals
E-biz applications
Social networking sites
Web Applications
B-to-B and B-to-C Portals

MAHARET supports businesses to build a commanding presence in the Internet commerce such as:

E-Marketing: email Marketing, Web Analytics, Search Engine marketing & Solutions, Internet Ads, Online surveys.

Catalogue Management: Price Management, catalogue management, catalogue Search solutions, Product Information Management Solutions, Content targeting

Order & Fulfilment management: Inventory management, Ordering, Taxation, Shipping & Handling solutions

Payment & Fraud: Payment gateway integrations, Payment processing platform development, Fraud solutions integrations, Operations risk management solutions, Specialized Business Support Operations.

Enterprise Management Solutions: Environment management solutions, Enterprise Data management, Analysis and Planning Solutions, Business Optimization Solutions, Fulfilment optimization, Operations Support Solutions, Commission Management, Finance & accounting solutions.