Education has become highly competitive in the present day and institutions have also become highly student oriented. To be well equipped and stand out among the run-of-the-mill, these educational institutions need a core resource planning that can manage their entire information and operations. By automating the institution’s business processes and centralizing the data, transparency & flexibility can be increased.

To be at par globally, institutions are taking education to a whole new level by making use of the latest technology services to suitably equip students and at the same time offering the parents/guardians frequent updates about their wards’ performance and related information.

Equipping the institute in order to be more effective and competitive in the world of delivery of education is MAHARET Educational ERP solution. It aims at reducing the gap between information and the users and ensures that there is seamless flow of information.

Business Requirement :

Educational institutions are becoming increasingly complex and are not limited to delivering education alone. They deal with a multitude of activities like admissions, library management, hostel management, placements, finance management and many other internal and external processes.

An integrated system in order to maintain students’ information is an indispensable element of any institution’s business-application systems. Educational institutions with a specialized administration ERP solution have better management and decision making capabilities.

MAHARET with their excellent domain and technical expertise offer ERP solutions to streamline your Institution’s processes right from admissions management to placement cell management. Comprehensive and extremely user friendly ERP solution has a highly scalable architecture, enabling customization according to your Institution’s unique requirements.

Proficiency of Maharet

MAHARET has consistently worked towards enabling institutions to reduce their administrative time and costs by streamlining the processes, in order to focus more on their core teaching and research activities. Educational institutions’ core challenge is centralizing, tracking and managing the various operations and information in a coherent manner to provide result oriented education. Optimization and resource utilization are the key aspects to achieve the best result from the existing infrastructure. The chief modules of our ERP Solution are:

Fees (Billing)
Financial Accounting
Leave & Payroll processing
Lesson planning
Hostel / Mess management
Staff database
Student database


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