We collaborate with hoteliers to enable them to attract travellers, enhance the guest experience and improve mobile bookings with a brand new strategy. We follow the best app development practices to create cost-effective hospitality mobility solutions. We believe this will help you get an excellent return on investment and increase brand value. As a clever utilizer of our superior quality hospitality mobility solutions, you can reduce hotel maintenance cost, increase employee productivity and stand above the competition.

The Hospitality industry has taken giant strides in growth and complexity in the course of time. Leisure establishments are required to provide multifaceted services to meet their customers’ ever growing expectations. Correspondingly, this task has become more complex and needs to be performed accurately and promptly while maintaining a low cost.

Need of Mobility in Hospitality

In hospitality, customer satisfaction is everything. Today, everything at fingertips, hospitality services are not exception to this. If anybody wants to book a hotel room, first he goes to app, if no app, he will go to Google. If he goes Google, he may get attracted towards your competitors. Here, the most painful thing is losing even existing customers. MAHARET know how painful losing hardly earned customers. So waking up is always better before going out of the competition.

It is a solution for properties regardless of the size of the hotel or resort, and this powerful and affordable software effectively manages all functionalities right from the time of booking till the guests’ checkout. MAHARET software solution fully integrates every aspect, from member accounts to meeting room scheduling to food and beverage management.

Hospitality Mobility Solutions Maharet Offers

Enterprise Hospitality Solutions help to stay connected each and every department of your hotel or resort, including reception and housekeeping department. We especially focus on streamlining work processes to cut costs and increase agility of the employees. Also, tourism boards and hotel associations can use our enterprise hospitality solutions to easily connect individual hotels, authorized travel agencies and tourist destinations.

Easy-to-use customer hospitality solutions are developed to acquire customers, engage and retain them in the most efficient manner. Here, we work closely with hotels and travel companies to implement their attractive offers into eye-catching apps. So, with a perfect blend of attractive offers and eye-catching design, you can win your customers’ heart and retain them. The key features our customer hospitality apps do include:

Quick and easy selection of hotel rooms
Instant push notifications
Run loyalty programs
Payment gateway
Detailed info on each and every destination


By understanding all these MAHARET requisition and has come up with an 'Easy to Adapt and Simple to Use' solution that is packed with all necessities for a Hotel Management Software so as to run your Hospitality business effortlessly. Be amazed with its simplicity and experience an avant-garde system that is a perfect fit for independent hotels, hotel chains, resorts, and other hospitality setups.

Our customers vouch for the increase in consistency and efficiency in their day-to-day business. The stability and functionality of this software is unrivalled, coupled with the fact that it requires less training time as it is easy to use. Our software solution empowers the customer with an advantage beyond comparison to lead the pack.

Hospitality solutions have a wide assortment of features and functionalities to meet every requirement of this industry where constant upgrading is needed to stand out among the crowd. Our sophisticated Solutions offer hospitality industry an opportunity to manage their business effectively and accurately in turn strengthening their customer database which helps them garner rave reviews in their field of work. Our Hospitality Solution is designed keeping in mind the numerous hospitality segments. Some of the innovative features offered is as follows:

Reservation schedule
Unlimited accommodation management
Convenient guest management
Simple billing and Variable price management
Easy-to-add packages for special arrangements
Optional online booking system
Maximize your revenues by merging real time data with your strategy.
Increased transparency of pricing and accounting information
Instantaneous savings from reduced operational and manpower costs
Minimization of losses from unnecessary transaction errors
Up-to-the-minute status availability on all media resulting in better price realizations
Better control over sales and marketing initiatives with ready information at your fingertips


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