Software Product Migration

New software technologies are emerging every day and companies are facing the need to upgrade to the latest state-of-the-art technology. If you are torn between being satisfied by your current software applications and desiring to embrace new software technologies, without compromising on the existing features; MAHARET is your answer.

MAHARET helps you keep pace with the technological innovations through seamless step-by-step migration services from research, planning, data preparation, conversion, testing, to implementation. To accomplish this, the current constraints and limitations are comprehended and the product is refurbished to be more scalable in the future.


To release a product on the latest frameworks

To migrate to a Windows based product from a Java platform or vice versa or to n-tier architecture from conventional two-tier architecture

To re-architect a product to suit different client needs whether a large enterprise or small size business

To make the transition from a standalone product to a hosted service model, enabling Software as a Service. Make use Web 2.0 concept and features to make an application more interactive.

To utilize globalization and localization of a product

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