Transportation and Logistic

The arrival of trade commenced the “Journey” of transportation of goods. The various means of freight transmission changed as trade spread to countries far away, becoming a completely distinct economic vity. The four Core elements of Logistics are planning, moving, storing, and reporting. Information forms an integral part of Logistics management. The transit information regarding materials or inventory has equal value as the physical goods. Thus, timely and reliable information is required for performing effective, efficient, and economical freight movement. In all, an integrated information system to surpass competition is a must have for a freight logistics enterprise.

Business Commitment

Many uncontrollable factors pose various challenges throughout the process making Freight forwarding a highly disjointed industry. Further hindrance is due to plentiful official procedures and redundant operating procedures.

Furthermore, the inability to be electronically connected to seamlessly and reliably exchange information between freight forwarders, manufacturers, distributors, customers and suppliers leads to inefficient operation and acts as a roadblock to proactive and informed decision making.

The need of the hour is a system which offers enterprise-wide functionality, scalability, reliability and security, provides real-time, complete visibility across the globe, conforms to different national customs requirements, and has low cost of implementation and ownership. This helps the service providers to focus and solve their business challenges at operational and strategic levels.

Proficiency of Maharet

Speed Freight is comprehensive logistics software that provides full transparency and better control over the entire supply chain, and greater inventory management in turn offering more cost-effective transportation for the customers. We offer solutions combining state-of-the-art technology, integration and implementation services that are well aligned to the goals of our customers. Speed Freight provides extensive value-added service options to meet the challenges of your most demanding customers. The modules included are as follows:

FINANCE & ACCOUNTING : General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Bank Challans & Reconciliations, Statutory Reports, MIS Reports

BOOKING OPERATIONS : Goods Consignment, Automated Freight Rates, Automated Trip sheet, Loading, Route Based Trip sheet Management, Transportation Planning and Execution, Go down Stock Report, Reports and Analysis, Transhipment, Delivery, Tracking, Admin

TRANSHIPMENT : This is Flexible door-to-door shipment of merchandise including Multiple transhipment, Unloading, Short/Excess Article

DELIVERY : Door Delivery Support; Paid, To Pay, Partial Pay Feature; Demurrage Settings; Invoice; Crossing Memo; Check Post Tracking

TRACKING (Online) : To view pertinent information regarding your orders through online Customer support. Determine exact transit times for all standard service options

ADMIN : There are three users group who access the system including the Client, Customers and Agents. Each user operates the system in a different way. The system is designed to enable all these users access the same window for any given functionality but get different data views and permissions on that window

General Features : Multiple-Phase Automation, Dash Board

Product Features : Centralized Administrative Controls, Automated Freight Calculation, Multiple Companies in Single Interface, Versatile Commission Setting, Centrally Controlled Invoice Rate Settings, Branch wise Demurrage Settings, Inter Branch Synchronization, Automated Trip Loading, Multi Branch Customer, Operational Accounting, Multi-Phase Automation, Online Customer Support, Automatic Remote Data Backup, User friendly Local Data Backup


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